Lest We Forget

On the Eleventh hour of the Eleventh day of the Eleventh Month... We will remember!

It is 100 years since World War One, and in remembrance both factions came together, put aside their differences, and established an XM memorial.

Martin Chalk had an idea while watching the centenary commemoration of the outbreak of WWI in early August.  He mentioned this idea to others at the after party of the Manchester Helios Anomaly later in the month.  The idea grew and expanded and the result is what we saw over mainland Great Britain this morning.

In remembrance of those who fell during all conflict since WW1, the combined Enlightened and Resistance players of Britain give their respect.

The Team behind the op would welcome charitable contributions to the Royal British Legion through the donation site at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/IngressLWF
The Royal British Legion (RBL) are the official charity for war veterans in the UK as well as being the Nation's custodian of Remembrance.

Winning Roll

Things don't always go your way, Manchester is a perfect case in point for the Home Guard. But when you choose to resist, you do it knowing the odds are against you and the fight will be long.

We are incredibly proud of everyone that picked themselves up, dusted themselves down, and arrived in London ready for revenge. And what sweet revenge it was to.

Thank you all, whatever your rank, whatever your role - the victory in London was a true team effort and you all did incredibly well.

Next is Gothenburg, and then... Well, who knows what the future holds. One thing is for certain though, we will resist. We will not lie down and let the invading shapers win, together we CAN save humanity!

OCD Returns

The naval arm of the Home Guard have been on artifact alert for a while now, but with them moving to the southern hemisphere it's time to reactivate Operation Coastal Defence!

What a triumphant return to action it was, with a four layered safety shard, with nearly 2 Million mermaids protected.
Congratulations to all involved, with a special mention for Widit.