We Have A iWinner

Congratulations to +Tim Woolford on reaching level 8, using only his iPhone. 

He wins our competition, and gets a T-shirt, comic and patches. See you in the field, agent!

Tim Woolford originally shared:

Being an iSmurf.

Hello Brothers and Sisters of the Resistance, Agent TDubDubya here and I have a confession... I am an iSmurf! (I’m also at Level 8). This is my story...

On the morning of 14th July this year, I was contacted by ‘Agent Kenetor’. He had long been preparing me for the time when I would be able to help in the fight against the shapers. I quickly downloaded the software that would change my shiny iPhone into a scanner.

The first day was not a good day! I off work all day, in Upper Holloway which is a Resistance stronghold. I wandered aimlessly from portal to portal, optimistically hacking away at friendly blue portals, gaining weapons, mods and resonators, but sadly no AP. Gave up and studied the internet for tips.

Day Two… OMG! One lunchtime in the City of London took me well into Level 3. Deploying, Linking & Fielding. It was a good time to be low level, the dreaded portal virus was decaying resonators very fast and there were many easy pickings for an baby smurf (or tadpole I guess). I walked across the city and turned around to find all my work had already been undone! So I did it all again on the way back. 100k AP in an hour.

And thus began the frenzy of my Ingress adventure. I cycle to/from work, and started diverting for temping uncaptured portals. I have my scanner mounted on my handlebars, on an average journey, I can farm 150+ items - usually good quality as I travel via Holloway Road and Brick Lane which are usually filled with L7/8 portals.

I also discovered the wonders of the Emirates Stadium - 20 odd portals in a circle that takes about 5 minutes to circumnavigate - so many hacks, so many links, so many fields…

After a week, I hit level 7, and on Thursday 31th July, I reached the honoured heights of Level 8. I’ve also slowed down… a lot. Its a marathon not a sprint, and adopting a more sustainable pace will ensure consistent performance for the resistance (not to mention avoiding the risk of divorce).

TDubDubya - fighting the shaper ingress and those poor ‘enlightened’ fools.

Mission Accomplished

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