Blue Sun Rising

The international Resistance community have captured the 7th and 8th Helios anomalies in style, practically securing victory by the third Measurement.

They have shown the fighting spirit that is in all of us!

We in the Home Guard must take these glorious wins and use them to spur us on in our on battle in London!

If there is anything you can offer, no matter what rank you hold, please submit your deployment request via the Events page so you can be assigned a battle group and your medals can be ordered.


Helios Anomaly 7

Minneapolis - R:695 - E:365
Monterrey - R:253 - E:108
Tulsa - R:279 - E:127
Regional Cells - R:245.4 - E:78
Total - R:1472.4 - E:678
Resistance Capture Helios 07 with an advantage of 794.4.

Helios Anomaly 8

Bogota - R:875 - E:347
Asuncion - R:176 - E:139.4
Buenos Aires - R:246.4 - E:148
Regional Cells - R:298.402 - E:63.44
Total - R:1595.802 - E:697.84
Resistance Capture Helios 08 with an advantage of 897.962.

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