Entente Cordiale

Congratulations to all involved in this incredible Triple Op!

On Saturday July 20th 2013, after a little over a month of planning, resistance agents coincided visits to Roscoff, North West France and Tintagel and Barnstaple in South West England. Their mission: to create control fields covering all of Cornwall and half of Devon using an anchor portal in France to achieve maximum coverage and gain significant mind units for the resistance.

What started as a simple message in the secure COMM from one British agent to French agents in north France soon became a dedicated Google+ group of British and French agents with a shared interest in establishing the first links and fields between our respective regions as part of an ongoing relationship between countries.

With key exchanges made a week in advance, it was decided that agent @Trouserdeagle would be stationed at Tintagel to put in south and east bound links; agent @Rowbs would be in Barnstaple to put in a south bound link and agent @namastai would travel to Roscoff the previous night to be in place with local agent @strican to put in all north bound links to Britain. Supporting roles included agents @Nightwerks, @bluegooseberry and @strider99 clearing blocking links; agent @ben40 guarding an  anchor portal; and agent @ZenithUK providing real-time map intel.

On the day we waited until 16:00 (17:00 French time) at which time agent @namastai made the first and most crucial link from Voutailhad Babig in Roscoff to Tintagel Parish Church in Cornwall, over 200 Km away. Once in place, agents @Trouserdeagle and @namastai linked to portals in Cornwall in opposite order to each other, establishing 6 distinct and overlapping control fields extending out as far as Land's End at the most South Westerly tip of Britain.
A last minute Enlightened link blocked our next critical link between Tintagel and the Climate Change Sculpture portal at Brixham, and it was only by chance that we were able to send a message to a local agent via secure COMM who was able to intercept and destroy the link in question, allowing us to complete the East field resulting in the creation of a huge kite shape between France and Britain.
Following this delay our final control fields relied upon our agent @Rowbs in Barnstaple, who successfully linked the Barnhenge portal there to the Brixham anchor portal. This then allowed agent @Trouserdeagle to create several overlapping fields using other portals in Tintagel, finishing at the anchor portal to create three huge fields covering half the county of Devon. Mission accomplished, or so we thought!

Within hours of our fields having been established, an Enlightened agent had in the interim been travelling to Tintagel to destroy the anchor portal there. His job was facilitated by the use of a Jarvis virus, and within an hour of his attack, all of our Tintagel portals were lost and all control fields destroyed.

The following day, agent @Trouserdeagle set about examining the Intel map and remaining links in order to determine what - if anything - could be done to resurrect what we'd done the day before. Soon he had established a plan, and in the space of just a few hours we all worked together again using our original operation Hangout to create 4 new control fields covering almost as much land as our original fields had occupied. This last-minute undertaking required blocking links to be destroyed, both from ours and opposing factions, and again required secure COMMs messages to local agents whom we'd previously had no involvement with. Another successful outcome, and this time our new fields stayed intact for more than a day.

Even now we've regrouped to create a new set of fields covering the English Channel for a third time using portal keys gained during the original operation, and links that had remained in place all along.

The success of our operation and subsequent response to counter attack from the Enlightened is due in large part to the combined efforts of our team, working together to achieve objectives with what resources we had available, whether these be stray links or unknown friendly agents in the field. The entire process from inception to completion has forged long term friendships between the team members both here in the UK and in France, and our dedicated community looks set to build upon the success of operation Entente Cordiale well into the future.?

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