The Force Is Strong!

All 40 Artifacts are in the wild, and there are three Helios battles remaining. The fight, for this series at least, is nearly over!

So how is the fight looking?
In a word, Good!
So good even Yoda has changed colour!

The resistance has taken the lead, with the current score standing at 29 to 20, but it isn't time to relax! There is still a lot of work to be done and plenty to fight for!

The next stand-off will be on home ground, with a 3 measurement (at half hour intervals) anomaly in London... If you can offer any help, whether in London or elsewhere across the UK please sign up via the Events Page.

After London there are two standard anomalies on the 27th September, with Primaries at Munich and Tacoma, and of course there are all the Artifacts that still need securing!

Take a break to celebrate, raise a glass to our international allies that have helped get us to this position... But do not get complacent!
We lost in Manchester, and we will be the under dogs again in London... But we can succeed.

Our future is at stake, we must resist...
Besides, we have cake!

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