Stealing Sheffield

The 14th September may will be a very special day for a newly promoted Level 8 Soldier from Sheffield, it will long be remembered as the day they joined the 100K Club.

The operation had been a few weeks in planning initially between Kierkergard, MellKerrigan, Desperate & Sming but as it escalated then more people were brought on board. Several times it looked good to go, but Resources were spread thin defending key areas so the date was set for Sunday 14 September.

This also presented opportunity to initiate another of the newer level 8 soldiers - Cadair asked to be included in the operation when we sought out mobile agents to assist. The plan was set, the personnel was in place. It was time to initiate and move out into the field.

Pre planning took place on Saturday, and Intel - Led this time by Pankomputerek with support from (Not So) CluelessSmurf right until deployment where Pankomputerek stepped up and conducted his
orchestra of blue fields into play.

Just as the op was about to go into full flow we lost a key body.. Desperate was called away on urgent personal admin and we had to reorganise the field agents very quickly. Thankfully Sgt Desperate and family are all fine and the smurflet didn't arrive today!

With keys in place and the troops rolling out to start clearing the blocking links, things were going relatively well right until the first field was dropped in.. Blocking links were removed by Kierkergard, Sming and MellKerrigan then Dingus01 and Sming laid down the foundations allowing Cadair to bring it home to step up into the 100k+ fielding club with the first field in place for 278,910 mind units to be protected... only for this to be thwarted almost instantly by the invaders!

Enemy agent SoX was practically metres from the field anchor as it deployed and it lasted but only minutes before it was removed, we were anxious that the operation was in total jeopardy but Intel continued with the plan leaving SoX to be monitored from afar.

Whatever you want to call it, a deity or ADA, someone was looking out for us as enemy agent SoX left the area and the opertation continued unhindered from the enemy depsite more enemy agents being within seconds of key portals, but they did not intervene! we moved up a gear and got on with the remaining fields

The next fields shot up, covering more and more minds with their protection - Sming fielded for 283,260 mind units closely followed by Dingus01 with a 283,690 mind field. Then disaster struck when a soldier not on operational duty dropped a local link in his area only 5 metres long which critically blocked the operation from continuing!

Rapid comms were made to request they undo their work. This took a little time and left all involved in the operation feeling tense that it was dead in the water.. This did allow for a small amount of fine tuning, and meant Cadair was able to return to an anchor to gain a vital key for the final step of the operation

Whilst the main operation waited anxiously to proceed, a side op that was only hatched hours earlier between Kierkergard and MellKerrigan, took place. One of the blocking portals was put to good use and a side field created by MellKerrigan protected around 64,000 minds.

The blocker was removed as well as an additional enemy blocker that cropped up causing Intel to draft in Cpl ToKillaTwiinke. The final field put into play by Sming, for 300,762 minds, and the operation was complete.

Ground Troops






Total: ~1,450,000 British Citizens protected!

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