Ode To Joy

The Long Awaited UK Link Clearance Sit-Rep:

Countries Involved: Spain, France, Czech Rep., Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Portugal including Azores, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, Scotland, Faroes
Bad Ass Portal Locations: Mountaintops, islands, national parks, restricted areas. Wherever you can imagine that has limited access.
Agents Involved: 1263

Total MU: Over 220 Million

UK story....we had some fun.

Central link

Our team of 6 agents were well organised and had been removing blocking links at a steady pace all week, leaving us with only a couple of blockers to knockout on the night. At 10:15 pm @eskpe, @Phlashster, @Els1e and @quasarnemesis all met up in Long Eaton (central point of our area) and continued checking intel in case any more blockers came up, waiting about 20 minutes away from last target site of the night -  a blue portal in the village of Gotham which would need Jarvising at the last minute to avoid alerting greens.
The area we were waiting was full of lots of green portals,@quasarnemesis was the only team member who had not been to that area previously, all the portals would have been unique captures, but so the op would remain  under the radar they had to be left alone, so he had to console himself with merely increasing unique visit count instead and we managed to remain undetected by the greens despite our rather ‘discrete’ choice of transportation.

At 11:35pm slightly later than planned due to being distracted by hacking all the green portals (they were L6 and we all needed L6 resonators!)@eskpe and @Phlashster jumped in the Ingressed MX5 and sped to Gotham at breakneck speed (we beat the satnav time by 5min) to take out the final blocker just before the main link went in.
Agents involved:@krink, @Valash, @eskpe, @Phlashster, @Els1e, @quasarnemesis

Eastern Central Link

After a last minute confession of his late night intentions to the family @bakeri666 set off to sleaford to meet @TheKezStrel at 2300. There was a slight delay meeting up as @TheKezStrel got a visit from a friend as he was setting off. They then proceeded to sit in a carpark awaiting orders, as during planning blocking links had already fallen leaving them only with defending late night frog action. The wait was made entertaining to @bakeri66 as he listened to the rather surreal explanation of ingress to @TheKezStrel's lift. This was interrupted by @PS237 informing us he was sat by KFC, causing much jealousy that we had no chicken. After a job well done, and a successful Operation Orange Juice with no Chicken, it was home to bed to dream of Chicken and @mimtwin, not necessarily in that order.

@ps237 set out early to allow myself time to disable 5 portals that the frog's could have linked to then I moved to my primary target which I sorted with a jarvis and rebuilt leaving unlinkable after returning to the car. Over the hangout chat I proceeded to wind up the rest of the team with pics of the KFC i was parked outside of but I promise i didn't have a boneless banquet or fillet burger I was really good honest. On a more serious note though I got lucky as at 0245 Boston was hit hard by a L10 frog agent who we must have caught with his pants down well done to all involved i really enjoyed my 1st op and hope we can all work together again in the future also i hope we can all stay in touch via the group's.


@trouserdeagle spent much of Saturday seething with rage at the horrible green P7 that was a result of Jarvising a local blocking link, but was calmed by the blue blanket overhead.

Northern Team

After a last minute request by @virtek, @insanityinside decided it’d be a good way to break the motorbike back in after winter by going farming and then taking an epic journey up to Penrith to wipe out a pile of green portals, which the greens decided to link to repeatedly to try and block our efforts, and do his bit for the team. He’d clearly forgotten how far away Penrith is, especially on a motorbike; is now walking like John Wayne, and is also quite sick of having to run with the bike to bump start it after the battery decided to die. Finally arriving at the initial targets at about 11:30PM, after having the crazy idea in his head it might actually still be light when he got there in the first place. Following the instructions from the eyes in the sky, the green was wiped off the map, clearing the links to Carlisle and over in the lake district, but the greens were being incredibly persistent. Heroically “volunteering” to ride up to Carlisle to clear the mess (well, grumpily offering in the hangout, possibly while swearing a lot) when running purely on caffeine and sugar, he set off to wipe the smile off the green faces, but unfortunately by the time the arrival time the Irish team were sick of being cold and wet in the dark, which is something he could relate to. Well, apart from the wet bit. Finally bugged out at about 1:45AM, finally making it back to base at 4:30AM, after several stops and coffees. Noticed he was being chased by the sunrise, and that birds were tweeting. Still hasn't managed to meet @FthrJack, despite the chap having submitted most of his local portals and crossed paths a good few times.


After an epic journey to Ailsa Craig, agent @Chandy was all set to settle down for the night when @AnandaUK realised she hadn't heard from the agents who were supposed to be clearing some links along the M74.  After trying to reach the agents by several means, she gave up and convinced him @23:15 he should drive an hour to take out the links. Unfortunately by the time the links were clear, the Irish agents found the link could no longer be made, so he took the opportunity to wipe out the green town of Lesmahagow and grab some uniques.

Wales / Shropshire

@Darwynne,@scathophagus,@c0d3x42,@Antpirc and @yrunigan made preparations during the week for clearance through Wales and Shropshire.  On Saturday afternoon,@ZenithUK went through Shropshire throwing Jarvis viruses and fields in his wake.  Upon reaching Lilleshall in the late afternoon, he claimed the portals and threw a field to Shrewsbury.  This field ran parallel to the proposed main link path within about 125m.  Along with an existing field at Donnington, the aperture for the main link would be only 700m wide!

@ZenithUK then travelled west to meet up with @Antpirc in Machynlleth, throwing fields and cleaning green in equal measure.  @Antpirc was on his way from Aberystwyth where he'd cleared a green block from Aberystwyth to Dublin.  By the time @Antpirc and @ZenithUK met up about 22:00, the local greens had already cleared the remaining problem links in Machynlleth!  All that was left was to munch the 99p fish and chips meal from Hennigan's (special price for Norway Day).

@c0d3x42 was in Newtown near the lynchpin portals holding up the remaining blue links. At 22:52,@c0d3x42 threw 2 Jarvis Viruses to drop the last remaining blue blocks.  The way from Wales coast through to Stafford was clear!

320 miles. 13 hours. Over 300k MU in fields. It must be an Ingress operation roadtrip!


@mimtwin spent the night on Cromer Pier, making tiny comedy fields to the Netherlands and being jealous of the Lincolnshire lot because Cromer has no KFC. Hangouts were fun though!

After an epic journey to Ailsa Craig a very cold and wet @AnandaUK came home and snuggled up under a duvet to get warm. 3 hours later she woke up and realised she was 2 hours late for helping with intel on O2J!! After panicking she quickly set up and joined all the relevant hangouts and got to work directing clearance teams.

It was fun! Thanks all.

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