Real Life Tragedy

Such a terrible tragedy.
Our sympathies go out to those that knew him. We hope that his child will bring them some comfort as a lasting living legacy.

Some of you may have seen +Ben / 00987 's recent post about the death of Resistance agent Boxit in a motorcycle accident on Friday 18 July. This is obviously a very difficult time for friends and family. What Ben did not say was that Boxit's girlfriend is pregnant; due to have their baby in December.

It can't be an easy time for her, and I would like to show support for her and her soon-to-be-born child from the North East (and wider) Ingress resistance community.

The owner of the Ingress Resistance Funding Network has agreed to let us use his site to host a whip-around. Money cannot make this time easier, but we can help take the sting out of some other things.

Please dig deep and help if you can.