Spontaneous Field Work

36,029 mu from spotting a field on the go. Great work!

Caroak 33 originally shared:
Sometimes the best outcomes are the impromptu chance opportunities that come along.... I was looking on Intel and noticed a field opportunity from Woolmer Green -Stevenage - Tonwell. A nice field about 9k Mu. Needed a bit of Green weeding as well so that was a bonus. I set off and happily smashed the Enl portals and destroyed the blocking links.
When I got to Stevenage I found the original portal I intended to use as a anchor.....and also some more grey portals that I had not seen on Intel. This gave me the opportunity (with a bit of driving and no frogs noticing) to layer the fields. Most is 3 layers and there is a sliver under this field that is 6 layers I think...it was already 3 layers. A total of 37,029 Mu saved from the Enlightened. Not bad huh....

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