Helios Manchester Measurement 5 summary

Resistance captured this measurement with about a million cake points, and a party few will forget! Thanks to everyone for coming. Despite the result, it was a great day for the team, and a lot of new friendships emerged. Progress has been made on some very interesting ops. Watch this space, or probably just watch the sky.

Amongst the volatiles for this measurement were Lemon Meringue cupcakes, Rocky Road cupcakes, Double Jaffa Cake brownies, Cherry & Amaretto slices, peanut butter cakes and vegan Oreo cupcakes.
The Blue cakes were Gin & Tonic flavour. A very rarely seen concoction which became a theme of the evening! By the end of the night everyone was dead tired, and ready to drop!

Thanks to Elaine Scott, Claire Hosker, @Shires, Markus Vaihoja, @Virtek, P. Little, Gary Barber, @herbius, @b4kka, @bellkitty, @meelzebub, @Muffinhell84 @mimtwin and Hayley Rogers for the extensive cake selection!

Special thanks to @Hybridesque for his fantastic efforts on cake strategy.

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