Operation 'Sheffield Springs A Leek'

---- Incoming Message---
Sender : +Gavin Drury 
Subject : Sheffield Springs a Leek
Classification : Restricted

Sit Rep
To help celebrate having one of our new agents levelling up to Lv8, and to welcome him to the Sheffield Lv8 Club, we thought it would be a good idea to bring him into his first op and get him into the 100k plus fielding club.
Spotting an opportunity on Bank Holiday Monday morning, Second Lieutenant Kierkergard rounded up the troops as he headed over to Leek to farm the keys in a two hour round trip.
With Cpl Dingus01 on his way to collect the keys from the Northern neutral portals and Pvt Sming ready to courier keys to Pvt Melkerrigan for the Eastern portals, Flt Lt TheFuryD started planning the fields and working out how many keys would be needed. A few small blocking links were removed and with with Pvt Pankomputerek's help, we checked for any new blocking links appearing and further clearance duties were assigned.
Shortly after 2nd Lt Kierkergard had got the keys from Leek, A long blocking link from Chesterfield appeared meaning they had to divert to Buxton and, hopefully under the guise of smashing an 8 farm, the link in question was removed before coming back to Sheffield for everyone to meet and exchange keys. Then with Pvt Pankomputerek, Cpl Dingus01,2nd Lt Kierkergard, and Pvt MelKerrigan in place with bursters and Jarvis at the ready, 5 minutes of clearance, the neutral portals set up and the long southern link thrown before any blockers can pop up. The field was closed and a further two layers dropped and then we hit a block as Flt Lt TheFuryD directed the fourth layer. Reports coming back from the field that there were no linkable fields. Intel looked good, it was clear. Phones were rebooted. We were getting worried as the local fast response field killers were surely on their way now. Phone restarted. Level one diagnostics run. Still no links....and then it clicks. The agent realises he was at the wrong portal! A quick trip to the correct one and the fourth layer was deployed. Followed by the fifth and six. Mission accomplished.
Time to relax and for the Intel monkey to grab a beer. 6 Layers, 13 Fields, and 1,245,086 MU. Which was one less field than planned and about 50MU less we could have got due to a link going early, so sorry to those few minds we couldn't save.
Whilst the quick response team did indeed show up later, they failed to set up any kind of blocking link so Pvt Sming and 2nd Lt Kierkergard had a quick trip to put the field back up.

Conception, Clearance and Farming -2nd Lt Kierkergard
Intel and Field Planning - Flt Lt TheFuryD
Clearance and Fielding - Cpl Dingus01
Clearance and Fielding - Pvt MelKerrigan
Clearance - Pvt Pankomputerek
Key Courier - Pvt Sming
Refielding - Pvt Sming and 2nd Lt Kierkergard

--- End Transmission ---

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